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Explore. Discover. Find. Live. Learn. Love. Inspire. --*Welcome To My World *-- I'm 20 I am pretty lade back my friends and family are everything to me. i love in the City Of Angels LA!! I love watching movies, even the old black and white ones. I am not complicated, but maybe to people who are closed minded might think so. Music inspires me. I love quotes that explain how I feel. I LOVE fashion the most but worth is not determined by the price of my clothes. I am addicted to cookie dough and brownie mix even though can't eat it =( I think if I could I would eat way to much of it any ways ha. I believe in Love at first sight and think you should fall in love like they do in the movies. I'm a Romantic. I hate guys that are full of themselves and spend more time getting ready then i do. I have amazing friends. I love meeting new people and making new friends. cali and Greece are my favorite places in the world that i know of so far and i REALLY want to go to France someday maybe live there for a bit.. i show and ride horses and love it ... I dance all the time i will even dance if no one eals is, sometimes i will even dance while i shop for food at the market hahah.... I love the feeling of being scared. I like boys. I have a big imagination and i think imagination is everthing. i think the perfect storm, God, True Love, family and laughter is the key to happiness.

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this almost made me cry, i don’t know why .


i just died of cuteness


i just died of cuteness

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